Dead Goat Combo Kit GiveAway (Ends April 10th, 2019)

1) You must be 21+/Legal vaping Age to enter. Photo ID will be required, if you do not wish to share personal information over email please do not enter this giveaway.
2) This contest is open to All Countries where vaping is legal (but shipping will be $35 if you live outside the US)
3) You MUST be a subscriber of my Youtube channel.
4) You MUST comment ONCE under this post to enter. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Very inappropriate comments will be disqualified however negative comments will not.
5) Due to FDA regulations, an $8 fee is required for this giveaway. ($35 outside US). I use it to pay for shipping.
6) Winner will be chosen on April 11th, 2019. I will comment on the winner’s comment with instructions to email me.
7) A random comment picker is used to pick the winner.
8) You must claim your prize by April 21th, 2019, 11:59 PM EST.
9) I am not responsible packages lost in the mail. Proof of shipment can be provided upon request.
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37 thoughts on “Dead Goat Combo Kit GiveAway (Ends April 10th, 2019)”

  1. Not a bad looking rda and it’s a different setup…might be worth trying…thanks for the chance Kimmy

    1. Looks like it would be a great RDA to try out. Thanks for chance Kimmy.

  2. I’d love to get my hands on this RDA. Cmon randomizer! Be my friend. Thanks Kimmy for this giveaway! You rock!

  3. The Dead Goat looks great would love to try it Thanks for the chance.

    1. Been considering getting the goat for a while, but I definitely think I prefer this one. Ty for the chance to win it ??

  4. Thanks for the opportunity Kimmy! Looks awesome! It’s on my wish list ?

  5. Looks awesome, it’s nice to see something different when it comes to the rda’s. I’d love to give it a try. I like a lot of ohmboy and Grimm’s products. Thanks for the chance Kimmy.

  6. I always said at some point that I would try my hand at building coils and what not this would give me the excuse to start

  7. Thanks for the opportunity Kimmy. I loved the dead rabbit and the goat this would be awesome to try. Keep up the great work!!!

  8. Cool that they made a rebuildable deck. I didn’t buy the original for that reason! Thanks for a chance at the win!

  9. I really like this RDA, the fact that they used the Dead Rabbit RDA deck,
    which so happens to be my favorite RDA and deck!! If I win this I will be purchasing the conversion kit. Thanks KimmyVapes great review.

  10. Great review , definitely worth a look if your into rdas

  11. Hi Kimmy! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the RDA giveaway. The review and build was awesome as always. Look forward to seeing your next video?

  12. Very Nice!
    Where can I get one of those conversion kits for my Goat?

  13. Great review, you made some really good points and explained everything quite well. I agree with your squonk hole critique but I can also see where cottpn blocking the squonk hole might clog the squonk port with cotton or cause a 1 way valve so juice could only come in but not return or let pressure off of the bottle. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Congrats James, your name was picked as the lucky winner. Please contact me via email to claim your prize.
      In the Subject line include the words DeadGoat Winner.
      In the body of the email please include your name, address, and a photocopy of your id (to verify age) You must claim your prize by April 22nd, or forfiet. You will be responsible for shipping. Thank you for your support and congrats!

  14. Great review Kimmy…very thorough! I have to agree with u they should’ve put the squonk holes where the wicks are…or underneath the coils on top of the posts. Just a thought. Thanx for the review Kimmy!

  15. Another awesome in depth review Kimmy. Congrats again on the 7k

  16. Thanks Kimmy! Can’t wait to see you on Inside the Minds again!

  17. Great review!! I hope to get to try the goat and the dead goat!

  18. Hi Kimmy! I have the Dead Rabbit RDA, and the Drop Dead RDA, the Dead GOAT is a must have, so if I don’t win this, I’ll have to buy it. Either way, it’ll be a part of my collection soon! Thanks for the review, and great job.

  19. Love my goat rda the dead goat deck is a huge plus thanks for the chance kimmy?

  20. Nice upgrade to the GOAT. I like the style of airflow. Thanks for the chance to win one. Keep up the great work Kimmy.

  21. I would love the chance to try this product by grimmgreen and ohmboyoc. Thank you for this chance.

  22. ONCE. Hi Kimmy! Nice review! Hope I win this RDA combo… ?

  23. Kimmy Kimmy great video! Hopefully i will have my name somewhere on that goat packaging but until then i still need to pick one of these up and try it out! Thanks for the chance to score!

  24. Thank you for the chance at scoring this!! Nice rda for sure

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